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Reaction Injection Molding

RIM(Reaction Injection Molding),is a Rapid Tooling process where parts are made from mixing and injecting PU materials into a mold and cured through a process of polymerization(molecular cross-linking)in a low pressure/r

CNC Machining

ABOUT CNC PROCESSES AND FEATURES   3 Axis FANUC ROBODRILL Systems from Japan,CNC VCMs(Vertical Machining Centers). Range:(X Axis 700mm x Y Axis 400mm x Z Axis 330mm). Spindle Speeds:(24,000 RPM),Tool Tu

Vacuum Casting

Silicone Mold Making is a cost effective Rapid Tooling process often used in the production of Rapid Prototypes.Parts with intricate shapes and surface details can be Vacuum Cast or Pressure Cast with limited shrinkage a

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