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Introduction to Low Volume manufacturing service

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Introduction to Low Volume manufacturing service

Low Volume manufacturing refers to the production of a single product that is basically a special product for Low Volume manufacturing. Due to the wide range of batch production, it is usually divided into three types: mass production, medium batch production and Low Volume manufacturing.

Single-piece Low Volume manufacturing is a typical build-to-order production (MTO), and its characteristics are similar to single-piece production. It is customarily called single-piece Low Volume manufacturing. Therefore, in a sense, the statement of single-piece Low Volume manufacturing is more in line with the actual situation of the enterprise.

Single-piece Low Volume manufacturing methods and mass production methods are both typical production methods. Mass production takes its lower cost, higher efficiency and quality as its advantages, which makes it difficult for general mid-batch production to compete with it.

Low Volume manufacturing

Low Volume manufacturing plays its role in the market with the innovation and uniqueness of its products. There are three reasons for this:

1. All kinds of machinery and equipment used in mass production are special equipment, and the special equipment is manufactured in a single piece and small batch production method.

2. With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing competition, the product life cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and the development of a large number of new products has become the key to a company's competitive advantage.

Even if the new product needs to be mass-produced, its structure, performance, and specifications need to be improved in the research and trial production stage, and it can only be a single-piece small-batch production method.

3. Most of the products manufactured in small batches are the means of production, such as large ships, power station boilers, chemical refining equipment, assembly line production equipment of automobile factories, etc., which are the means for new production activities.

Customer request

The application industry has a wide range. The application of 3D printing technology in Low Volume manufacturing and mass production industries includes: small batch release of new products, equipment and instrument parts, tooling and fixtures, creative products, personal consumer goods, etc.


1. High quality. The quality of industrial 3D printed products has reached the industrial application level, plastic products are close to the level of injection molding, and metal products are close to the level of forgings; the quality requirements of customers can be fully achieved.

2. The product production cycle is short. Sunshine has the largest non-metal industrial 3D printing equipment in the industry, and can realize small-scale mass production of dry parts in a short period of time (depending on the complexity of the product, the general production cycle is about one week).

3. Low cost. In the small batch level of thousands, hundreds or even dozens, or even dozens of pieces, the manufacturing cost of industrial 3D printing is far lower than that of traditional industrial manufacturing.

4. Flexible production capacity. Sunshine Industrial 3D printing technology can easily realize free product portfolio manufacturing, multiple products, different batches, one-time production, and simultaneous delivery.

Low Volume manufacturing


Low Volume manufacturing refers to the production of a single product, which is basically the production of special products that are required in small batches. In view of the small batch manufacturing requirements of thousands, hundreds, even dozens, or even dozens of pieces, traditional manufacturing methods such as CNC, injection molding, casting, etc. are difficult to overcome defects such as high cost, low efficiency, and difficult product quality assurance.



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