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Plastic Shell

Silk Screening & Pad Printing
Laser Etching & Chemical Etching
Chrome Plating & Anodizing
Blast Finishing, Brush Finishing, & Mirror Finishing
1k / 2k Coating & Uv Coating
Polishing & Vapor Polishing

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KAIAO Research & Development is a specialized division that focuses on providing Visual Finishing Solutions.  If you have a custom finish in mind for your color, texture, gloss, or durometer requirements, KAIAO R&D will work with you to make it happen.  If you want transparent or translucent tints, pearl or metallic flakes, and glow in the dark painted and cast parts, we can most certainly meet your requests.

Research & Development efforts at KAIAO are led by RP Finishing Specialist Bradlee Hughes.  Bradlee is a B.F.A. University Degreed Fine Artist and Industrial Designer from America, with over 20 years of professional experience working with designers and engineers worldwide and assists with the key role of guiding KAIAO to communicate effectively with foreign clients & in the Internationalization of Production Processes & Standards.

塑胶外壳 Plastic shell (2)


At KAIAO, we employ over 50 Hand Craft Specialists to make your models.  From de-flashing parts to pre-fitting, gluing, filling, sanding, modifying, measuring, and assembling, our Hand Craft Specialists focus on every engineering detail and every design detail.  At KAIAO, we always strive for perfection in every part on every project. 


Our Polishing Department can provide beautiful Metal Finishes!  Whether your project requires a Machined Finish, Chrome Mirror polish, Brushed polish, or Glass Bead Blast, KAIAO can provide.  Our Polishers also provide hand polishing for crystal clear PMMA.  For PC we can Vapor Polish the parts to become transparent by using special solvents.


Our Painting Department is where we bring your project to life.  Our team of Painting Technicians work within 4 professional automotive Paint Booths, a state of the art 160 sq. meter custom designed Dust Free - Down Draft painting environment.  We use top of the line paint spray guns & airbrushes from SATA, IWATA, and DeVilbiss.  We use UV coatings and Acrylic 1K&2K PU Automotive Refinishing coatings from PPG, DuPont, and Akzo Nobel.  From mobile phones to cars, KAIAO Painters can provide any surface treatment on any project in any color, texture, or gloss you require!


KAIAO offers a selection of Specialty Surface Treatment options from Anodizing, Electroplating and Water Electroplating, Chrome Plating and Nickel Plating, Powder Coating, Laser Etching, as well as Silk Screening & Pad Printing, KAIAO can provide it all.  Whether for visual or functional requirements, our suppliers can add real production surface treatments on plastic and metal prototype parts.




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