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What is Rapid Prototype?

Rapid prototyping involves specialized manufacturing techniques for making high-quality physical models of a 3D design idea. Prototypes are useful for design improvement, as stepping stones to full production or for engineering testing. They are meant to be quick and economical, without the need for the investment in hard tooling. Many of our clients need to produce a physical part quickly in order to validate a design or to capture a fleeting sales opportunity.

KAIAO Rapid Prototyping CNC Machining

KAIAO has been a leader in Rapid design development services for over 26 years. We are a leading rapid prototyping,rapid tooling and rapid molding manufacturer in the main land of China. Since inception we have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers in a variety of of fields.

The most highly skilled and experienced professionals in the industry are assembled at KAIAO to provide the best technical expertise available. Our expert professionals use the latest technology to provide you with outstanding quality, precision and speed of service. KAIAO responds quickly and decisively to your prototyping and production tooling needs. Our team of advisers and coordinators work with you to understand your program's exact requirements, and we take pride in completing your products on time and within budget. KAIAO Prototype offers the best of the west, but at half of the price. 

The Service We Provide

1. CNC Rapid Precision Maching

2. SLA Rapid Prototyping

3. Rapid Silicone Mould & Vacuum Casting

4. Rapid Reaction Injection Molding

5. Rapid Plastic Injection Molding

6. Rapid Pressure Die Casting

7. Post Production Finishing

8. Quality Control & Assurance

9. SLA/SLS Manufacturer