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  • Comprehensive Guide for Mechanical Testing of Materials


    Mechanical testing is conducted to assess the materials' suitability. This allows for evaluating the materials according to their character and how they can be ideally used for various applications. If you wish to understand these tests, Kaiao has prepared the following test guide for you so that yo Read More

  • 304 vs. 316 Stainless Steel: Which is Best For Your Project?


    It is hard to miss the outstanding characteristics of stainless steel, which are in line with modern-day requirements, and the wide range of available grades, which all have distinct features that make them unique. From the different grades available, these two highly sought-after ones, the 304 and Read More

  • Alodine Finish: A Guide to Conversion Coatings for Precision Machined Parts


    Alodine finish is an important step in the production process for precision machined parts, providing greater corrosion and wear protection and helping to enhance appearance. Using a conversion coating process, this type of finish can serve as a key part of creating parts that meet the highest stand Read More

  • Guide to Differences Between Climb Milling and Conventional Milling


    Manufacturing different components requires various processes; among them, milling is also a common manufacturing process. The process of milling uses subtractive manufacturing techniques. However, the milling process is divided into two kinds, each of which serves a different purpose. The milling p Read More

  • A complete Guide to CNC Precision Machining


    Meta Description: A complete Guide to CNC Precision MachiningIt may seem an ordinary aspect for every created part to meet an intended specification. However, a substantial operation is done to ensure that these parts take up the exact shape with the correct specifications. Just casting or molding Read More

  • Ultimate Guide on Understanding PMMA(Acrylic) CNC Machining


    Plastic materials like glass and polycarbonate have now been taken over by acrylic in various applications. The main reason for this inclination towards choosing acrylic is the plenty of advantages it has to offer. Acrylic-based production could be carried out through the CNC machining process. Indu Read More

  • The Ultimate Guide to Aluminum Die Cast Process


    Multiple manufacturing processes are available for producing any part. But usually, one process has the edge over the other. In this case, Kaiao believes that the die-casting process is the most suitable process for aluminum and lightweight products. There are many reasons for die cast being the go Read More

  • A complete Guide on Sheet Metal Welding: Best Practices and Tips


    Many tweaks and processes are done on the material for a part or prototype to be finalized to match specific requirements. One of those essential processes is metal welding. When making a metal prototype or product, welding is vital to join different areas of the part to take the required shape, he Read More

  • Factors Affecting the Cost of CNC Machining


    CNC machining is one of the prevailing methods used worldwide to manufacture numerous components of all sizes. Although new processes like 3D printing are gaining popularity with time, the accuracy and precision followed by tolerance of the parts produced by CNC machining are unmatchable. However, a Read More

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