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  • How to choose the right machining method for hand prototype?


    At present, there are many processing methods for prototype models, but the most common ones are CNC processing, 3D printing, and silicone molds. Although these methods can be used to make prototypes, there is still a big difference between them. When making prototypes, if you do not choose the corr Read More

  • 3D printing VS injection molding


    Whether it is life or industrial production, it is full of many plastic parts, such as soles, rubber bands, mouse wristbands, industrial gaskets, etc.The main processes for manufacturing elastic parts are injection molding and 3D printing. So if there is a need to make elastic parts, which process i Read More

  • Several new directions in the development of 3D printing


    3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a rapid prototyping technology. It is based on digital model files, using powdered metal or plastic and other bondable materials to construct objects by printing layer by layer. A technology. This year the 3D printing industry still maintains a g Read More

  • Common rapid prototype processing


    Nowadays, the demand for hand-made models is relatively strong in automobiles, home appliances, electrical appliances, toys, medical equipment, and technology. For prototypes and rapid molds for these industries, the commonly used methods are CNC machining, SLA, SLS, SLM, FDM, vacuum complex mold, l Read More

  • injection Mould structure design


    1. Process analysis of plastic products.Before the injection mold design, the designer should fully analyze and study whether the plastic product conforms to the injection molding processing principle, and needs to negotiate with the product designer carefully, and a consensus has been reached. Incl Read More

  • cnc rapid prototype - to achieve better results


    Many customers need prototypes to be sold directly as finished products, and they will also conduct R&D and design after they are produced. The prototypes involve a wide range of industries, and they often come into contact with intelligent products such as robots, auto parts, and medical equipment. Read More

  • rapid prototyping application introduction


    rapid prototyping application introduction Read More

  • Application of 3D printing in aviation field


    Application of 3D printing in aviation field Read More

  • Introduction to 3D printing SLS printing


    Introduction to 3D printing SLS printing Read More

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