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rapid prototyping in aerospace industry
Aerospace prototyping

Aerospace Prototyping

Designing aerospace and defense components is a inherently high-risk task , because the designing team should not only bring innovative thinking but also executable strategies to the complex challenges you will face.


With a full spectrum of greater stress on the very early development stages when manufacturing processes and materials are being tested and validated,this request stricter from material verification and tolerance well-controlled during each step no matter which solutions CNC Milling,CNC Machining or Sheet Metal Fabrication final aim to bring the design to reality without any tiny mistake.


We pride on our dedicated colleague with the professional knowledge and rich practice experience producing the parts for aerospace and UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) gaining the highly approbation from our customers.

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Common Aerospace Prototyping Solutions

● CNC Machining

Fabricating the reliable aerospace prototypes,UAV parts and defense prototyping is a important task,that means to produce the aerospace parts in high accurate and tight tolerance.With our ample experience we used our CNC milling service to provide CNC machined aerospace parts and defense system components. We use our high advanced CNC milling CNC turning capabilities to produce the aerospace prototypes and defense system parts.

● Sheet Metal Fabrication

It’s important to produce the prototypes for aerospace and defense system with no errors. Our sheet metal fabrication prototyping service can help speed up the production of custom aerospace parts in short time but with good accurate. Our sheet metal fabrication & injection molding process to assist much in this evolving and progressive industry of aerospace and UAV and defense.

● Die Casting

The aerospace industry enforces the most standard of the manufacture of parts and components ,especially emphasis for dimensional precision,durability and reliability. Our die casting is one prototyping process to meet this needs. Our high precision die casting solution is capable to manufacture both standard and customized parts for aerospace application.

● Aluminium Extrusion​​​​​​​

As we know,each aerospace part perform unique function for aircraft safety.Therefore ,no matter the size is small or large,no matter it’s plastic or metal parts, all the parts should be manufactured in high precision and strict tolerance no room to make errors. Our aluminium extrusion is the right prototyping process for aluminium aerospace parts,like the plate and plug bearing and impellers,crankcase casings.

Quality lnpection

It goes without saying that quality is vital to the success of any manufacturing project. When it comes to rapid manufacturing the importance is magnified due to the need to get it right the first time. At Kaiao, we employ many different quality control measures to ensure your rapid project not only gets done on time but also meets your stated specs. Below is a quick snapshot showing the steps involved in making your rapid parts.
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Why Opt for Our Aerospace Prototyping Services

Kaiao-RPRT specializes in the steadfast provision of aerospace part prototyping and production, encompassing projects that range from the straightforward to the intricately complex. Marrying manufacturing prowess with cutting-edge technologies and an unwavering commitment to quality compliance, we transform your concepts into tangible reality. Regardless of the intended application for your aircraft components, Kaiao-RPRT stands poised to steer you towards attaining your distinctive objectives.

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

With ISO 9001 certification adorning our manufacturing credentials, Kaiao-RPRT's production line boasts advanced technologies primed to ensure exacting manufacturing precision. Each aerospace part emerges equipped with precise dimensional specifications, structural resilience, and commendable performance attributes.

Get Instant Quotation

Elevating your manufacturing journey, our intelligent instant quotation platform comes to the forefront. Upload your CAD files, secure instantaneous quotes for your aerospace parts, and initiate the seamless order placement process. Assert authority over your orders through streamlined order tracking and administration.

Tight Tolerance Aerospace Parts

Our proficiency extends to machining aerospace parts with impeccably tight tolerances, reaching an impressive +/- 0.001 inches. Operating by ISO 2768-m standards for metals and ISO 2768-c norms for plastics, our manufacturing capabilities harmoniously accommodate intricate designs for bespoke part fabrication.

Fast Cycle Time

With quotes materializing within moments and parts actualized within days, the Kaiao-RPRT advantage empowers you to slice cycle times by up to 50%. A harmonious fusion of avant-garde technologies and expansive technical acumen propels us to dispense top-notch aerospace components with expedited lead times, symbolic of our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Innovative Prototyping and Production Solutions for Aerospace Sector

Trustworthy avenues for pioneering endeavours in aerospace product innovation. Secure impeccably engineered bespoke prototypes and production components that epitomize exceptional performance and unwavering resilience. Our comprehensive solutions traverse a spectrum of manufacturing phases meticulously designed to align with your production objectives.


Elevate your early-stage product development with top-tier prototypes. Subject your designs to rigorous assessments, iterate on crucial material and design facets, and position your prototypes for comprehensive testing.


Within this juncture, we stand primed to craft prototypes according to your product's stipulations and design blueprints. Tailoring our approach to your needs, we deploy cost-effective materials and processes to forge components that mirror the final product. This allows you to delve into specification metrics and functional evaluations. Our array of cutting-edge technologies also acts as a catalyst, ensuring swift turnarounds for these prototypes.

Material Choices for Aerospace Components

Catering to the precise specifications of your aerospace parts, our machining procedures seamlessly accommodate an extensive array of materials. Within our repertoire lies a vast catalogue of production-grade metals and composite materials, each tailored to meet the exacting requisites of the aerospace sector. Discover some of the prominently utilized materials integral to creating aerospace components.


Distinguished by its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, aluminium emerges as a prime contender. It is an optimal selection for addressing the elevated loading prerequisites of aircraft brackets and housings. Furthermore, aluminium showcases commendable ductility, stiffness, corrosion resistance, and machinability. Its innate lightweight attributes render it indispensable for aerospace structural applications encompassing elements like fuselage skin, wing stringers, wing skins, and more.


Titanium, characterized by its multifaceted material properties, emerges as the quintessential metal for exacting applications. Its repertoire boasts remarkable resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. With an enviable strength-to-weight ratio, titanium alloys emerge as sterling choices for airframes and aircraft engines.

Stainless Steel

Embodied in the form of low-carbon steel, stainless steel holds a treasure trove of attributes eagerly sought after in industrial realms. Encompassing a minimum chromium content of 10% by weight, stainless steel alloys shine as prime candidates. Engine and exhaust components, landing gear constituents, and pivotal joints within aircraft superstructures find their optimal companions in stainless steel, cementing an alliance that promises heightened performance and unwavering durability.

Carbon Fiber

The ubiquity of carbon fibre-reinforced polymers within the aerospace industry finds its roots in their exceptional specific strength and stiffness. Bolstered by augmented fatigue and corrosion resistance, these materials carve their niche within structural components such as wing boxes, fuselages, and control surfaces.

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Our portfolio of liquid silicone materials presents an exquisite thermal stability and flexibility fusion. Thriving amidst the arduous environments of the aerospace realm, these materials stand steadfast against challenges while guaranteeing resilience against oil and fuel, safeguarding crucial aerospace operations.

Aerospace Part surface treatment

Elevate the visual appeal of your aerospace components through our premium surface finishing, enhancing aesthetics and the functional attributes of your products. Our adept finishing services elevate corrosion and wear resistance, concurrently ameliorating mechanical properties for heightened performance.
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  Anodizing Anodizing is a cornerstone for bolstering corrosion resistance, elevating wear resistance and hardness, and bestowing a protective shield upon metal surfaces. Its versatile applications span mechanical parts, aircraft, automobile components, and precision instruments.        
  Powder Coating Distinguished by its unique application as a free-flowing, dry powder, powder coating contrasts traditional liquid paint methods. This electrostatically applied coating undergoes curing via heat or ultraviolet light, imparting a resilient finish renowned for its durability.        
  Electroplating Intrinsically functional, decorative, corrosion-mitigating, electroplating boasts versatility across diverse industries. From automotive sectors, with the ubiquitous chrome-plating of steel automobile parts, to many other applications, the process finds its niche in augmenting form and function.        
  Polishing Elevating surface smoothness and lustre, polishing operates through physical abrasion or chemical intervention. The outcome is a surface distinguished by striking specular reflection, effectively minimizing diffuse reflection in certain materials.        
  Brushing Harnessing the prowess of abrasive belts, brushing leaves its artistic imprints upon material surfaces. Aesthetic enhancement is the hallmark of this surface treatment, yielding visual traces that elevate aerospace components' tactile and visual allure.        

Aerospace Manufacturing Proficiency

Harness the prowess of our adept manufacturing services across your production journey – commencing from prototyping and extending through design validation, functional scrutiny, and eventual product introduction. Our commitment yields impeccably crafted flight-certified components that meld top-tier quality with expeditious turnarounds, all while maintaining budget-friendly costs. Through our rigorous quality control regimen, you can rest assured of receiving pieces that harmonize seamlessly with your distinct specifications.
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