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medical device prototyping companies
Medical device prototyping companies

Medical device prototyping companies

More and more large brand companies turn to work with KAIAO to assist design and development in medical devices,we supply powerfully the healthcare devices, a range of medical equipment and monitors and prosthetics by offering custom rapid prototyping no minimum order from one single prototype and low volume production services to meet the special needs in the medical industry.

We know every day counts when developing new products to quickly react the feedback between the users and designers, for manufacturing fitness tracker,medical enclosure ,drug delivery devices,health monitors and other medical equipment we're not only fabricating the products but also saving life there’s no room to make a digital mistakes ,we're proud our team on our quick response timing,on-time delivery,well-controlled quality and strict material verification during every stage of prototypes manufacturing from CNC program making,machining or surface treatment, it's worth to do it on personality. We get good feedback from our partners.

To meet the requirement for the innovation in medical industry, at Kaiao, we offer CNC Milling and CNC Turning service , CNC Lathe Service ,3D Printing Service ,Vacuum casting Service (Duplicated casting Service) and Plastic Injection Molding Service for Low Volume Production and rapid prototyping services.

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Medical Device Components Manufacturing Solutions

● CNC Machining

Our high quality CNC Machining rapid prototyping process is able to satisfy the needs of the growing robotics sector.

Using CNC milling solution to custom produce the robotic plastic parts and robotic metal parts. We create your custom robotics parts from your design. CNC machinery robotic parts like robotic gear,camera plastic housing,and other robotic component like aluminium robotic plate, battery case as robotic parts.

● Vacuum Casting

Due to low cost and short time tooling making the vacuum casting (cast urethanes) is one perfect rapid prototyping service for quality low volume manufacturing. Vacuum casting is one common process using in robotic industry to cast the plastic robotic components.We’re the reliable custom manufacturer providing vacuum casting service for your robotic parts.

● Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our in-house sheet metal manufacturing prototyping service allows us to make the aluminium medical parts ,brass medical components, steel medical device components, combined our other solution laser cutting service, we’re no problem to fabricate the metal bracket aluminium box steel plate for your medical parts . We use the sheet metal solution to bend the metal parts in stainless steel,copper,brass, aluminium plate to shape the parts for medical device innovation.

● Plastic Injection Molding​​​​​​​

Plastic injection molding is a fabrication process for low volume especially large volume production plastic parts in wide range of materials.

The plastic injection molding help industrial robotics also with competitive unit price and high quality. The robotic plastic parts with double or more separate parts where joined together it called as plastic over-molding process ,which can meet more cosmetic needs or more function. Send us a inquiry to custom made injection molded plastic robotic components and relative robotic parts.

Quality lnpection

It goes without saying that quality is vital to the success of any manufacturing project. When it comes to rapid manufacturing the importance is magnified due to the need to get it right the first time. At Kaiao, we employ many different quality control measures to ensure your rapid project not only gets done on time but also meets your stated specs. Below is a quick snapshot showing the steps involved in making your rapid parts.
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Kaiao-RPRT: Your Partner in Medical Industry Advancements

Kaiao-RPRT stands as your steadfast medical device prototyping and production provider, accommodating a spectrum from uncomplicated to intricate medical components. Armed with a fusion of cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled manufacturing proficiency, we excel in translating your medical concepts into tangible realities. Irrespective of the complexity of the component, our arsenal of rapid prototyping, bridge tooling, and low-volume production solutions propels you toward your objectives.

Strong Capabilities

Our distinction lies in our XXX certifications, attesting to our formidable manufacturing prowess, material authentication, and technological prowess. Every medical device element originating from Kaiao-RPRT adheres resolutely to regulatory compliance prerequisites, encompassing dimensions, performance criteria, strength, and more.

Precision Parts

Crafting precision is the cornerstone of our medical device prototyping endeavours. We prepare medical components that align meticulously with tolerance and precision requisites, capably achieving tolerances of up to +/- 0.001 inches. Our mastery of machining techniques ensures that the precision of your medical device prototype remains uncompromised.

Fully Customizable

At Kaiao-RPRT, we expedite medical parts manufacturing through our bespoke design and tailor-made tooling competencies. Our collaboration hinges on meticulously analysing your product's distinctiveness, which undergoes metamorphosis through sophisticated manufacturing processes, breathing life into your visionary concepts.

Instant Quotation

Our adaptive instant quotation platform underscores our commitment to elevating the medical parts manufacturing process. By uploading your design files, you receive prompt feedback encompassing DFM analysis, pricing, and lead time, all within minutes. Empowering you further, our streamlined tracking and management systems grant you unequivocal command over your orders.

Fast delivery

With the fusion of instantaneous quotations and rapid prototyping technologies, Kaiao-RPRT excels in curbing lead times by an impressive margin—surpassing the 50% threshold. Our profound technical proficiency and adeptness work synergistically to expedite this transformation, maximizing efficiency at every juncture.

ISO 13485 Accreditation - Elevating Excellence in Medical Manufacturing

Embrace the assurance of Kaiao-RPRT's ISO 13485 certification, an esteemed management system standard meticulously tailored for medical device production. Our endorsement underscores our unwavering commitment to regulatory adherence, affirming that each medical device prototype and component we deliver meets requisite compliance benchmarks. This emblem also bears testament to our stringent quality control and assurance framework, instilling confidence that our manufacturing aligns seamlessly with your precise requisites. Our extensive services extend to clientele across diverse domains, including dentistry, biotechnology, surgery, pharmaceuticals, and beyond.

From Prototyping to Mass Production Phases in the Medical Sector

Leverage advanced solutions tailored for the development of medical products. RapidDirect presents meticulously crafted and engineered custom items known for their exceptional durability and functionality. Our offerings span across several stages, facilitating the attainment of your manufacturing objectives.


Fabricate prototypes of high quality using materials akin to those used in production, catering to the early phases of development. Evaluate your design thoroughly and implement pertinent alterations to the design or material to prime the medical prototypes for testing adequately.

Quality Assurance-Prototyping

After an in-depth analysis of your design file, our skilled technicians will actualize prototypes that align with your design prerequisites. The choice of materials and processes hinges on the intended application, aiming to replicate the final product's appearance. This approach empowers you to scrutinize specifications and conduct functional assessments.

Swift Material and Design Modifications

Precise Prototypes Featuring Intricate Geometries
Prototype Models Resembling Final Components

Suitable Materials for Medical Product Development

Our manufacturing proficiency aligns with a diverse spectrum of materials tailored to meet the exacting requisites of the medical sector. Our experts boast considerable familiarity and expertise in identifying the most suitable materials for advancing medical products. Collaboratively, we will pinpoint the material that impeccably aligns with your specifications. Delve into a compilation of the foremost materials frequently employed in the progression of components for medical devices.


Thermoplastics are resolute, pliable, and functional constituents in medical product fabrication. Their commendable resistance to corrosion, detergents, and chemicals bestows upon them a prolonged lifespan, surpassing that of conventional medical materials. Moreover, their robust adhesion to metals renders them invaluable for encapsulating medical prototypes, thus augmenting functionality.


Exhibiting an innate resistance to elevated temperatures, thermosetting plastics remain impervious to distortion or deformation in extreme thermal conditions. This attribute renders them an optimal choice for medical devices necessitating repeated sterilization. Their appreciable hardness and rigidity, coupled with impeccable dimensional stability, engender precise and accurate components.


Steel, too, holds a pivotal role in modern automotive part production. This enduring metal thrives in performance and durability, facilitating the creation of top-tier components. Its corrosion resistance, lightweight nature, and capacity to yield aesthetically pleasing parts solidify its role. Its usage spans car brakes, engines, exhaust systems, wheels, and beyond.


Copper enhances comfort, efficiency, and safety across the automotive sector. Recognized for its outstanding electrical conductivity, ductility, and malleability, copper finds a home in various electronic components—encompassing the vehicle's wire harness, radiator, starter motor, alternator, and brake tubes.


Polyamide, distinguished by heightened tensile strength and resilience against high temperatures and chemicals, is a prerequisite for medical apparatuses. It seamlessly interfaces with various manufacturing techniques, including injection moulding, CNC machining, and 3D printing. Furthermore, nylon lends itself to fortification through amalgamation with other medical-grade substances, amplifying its robustness.

Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber emerges as a frontrunner among thermosetting materials. Due to its elevated thermal stability and supple nature, its adherence to industry benchmarks facilitates effortless sterilization via diverse methods. Additionally, this material upholds its strength while retaining flexibility even when confronted with extreme conditions.


Titanium boasts an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio and superior resistance to corrosion, rendering it an optimal candidate for prototyping medical devices. Its compatibility with 3D printing allows bespoke components predicated on patients' anatomical scans. The material's inherent attributes equip it with heightened endurance against chemical agents and extremes of temperature.

Stainless Steel

As a low-carbon alloy, stainless steel is a quintessential selection for many medical components. Esteemed for its non-toxic and non-corrosive characteristics, stainless steel manifests in diverse variants, thus rendering it an asset across a comprehensive spectrum of medical applications. While inherently resilient, stainless steel can be refined to enhance its aesthetic appeal and mechanical properties.

Surface treatment of medical prototypes and products

Kaiao-RPRToffers an extensive array of post-processing solutions tailored to elevate the surface characteristics of your medical prototypes and products. These enhancements address the visual appeal and vital chemical resistance and corrosion protection requirements. Depending on your material selection and product application, we present the following finishing options:
image Name Description
Color Texture Link
This technique significantly enhances the corrosion and wear resistance of medical components.
  Powder Coating
Opting for powder coating proves advantageous for medical devices due to its inherent antimicrobial properties. It fosters the essential hygienic and sterile environment crucial in the medical sector.
Electroplating serves as a dual-purpose finish, augmenting medical products' visual allure and corrosion resistance. Moreover, it bolsters their mechanical attributes, thereby enhancing overall durability.
  Bead Blasting
Bead blasting contributes to the aesthetic enhancement of medical devices while concurrently minimizing wear and tear. This augmentation extends the operational lifespan of these components.
The passivation process expels particulate matter from medical components, mitigating the likelihood of future corrosion. This procedure ensures commendable corrosion resistance in the resultant products.
  Heat Treatment
Implementing heat treatment plays a pivotal role in enhancing medical devices' corrosion resistance, strength, and biocompatibility.
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