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RTV The Helmet Shell

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Silicone Mold Making is a cost effective Rapid Tooling process often used in the production of Rapid Prototypes.  Parts with intricate shapes and surface details can be Vacuum Cast or Pressure Cast with limited shrinkage and properties that simulate production materials.  KAIAO’s Production Specialists and Project Managers will assist with professional RP Technical Support and alternative material selections to assure the best possible results.

头盔外壳 The helmet shell (3)


KAIAO Technicians quickly make Master Patterns and within a few days make Silicone Molds to be used for casting PU products.  Compared to Plastic Injection Molding, Vacuum Casting can save time and money.  The life of the Silicone Mold is directly related to the complexity of the part being cast.  Silicone Molds will generally produce 15 to 30 parts before Degradation.  Average cure times: (1 to 4 hours for small parts and 4 to 8 hours for big parts).


KAIAO Silicone Tools provide excellent chemical stability and offer minimal shrinkage which allows for fine details to transfer effectively from the Master to the Mold.  We use standardized operational procedures to assure accurate part replication and consistent mechanical properties.  Our Casting Technicians control all operational parameters: mixing, de-gassing, stirring, preheating, injection, to the solidification of the PU Resin and Rubber, so to provide a standard precision of ±0.15mm/100mm, and the highest precision of ±0.05mm.


Our selection of PU Resins include: HEI-CAST and PELNOX from Japan, and AXSON from France.  The properties of the Thermoset Plastics are similar to engineering plastics:  ABS, PMMA, PC, PP, PE, PA, POM, and others.  We offer transparent, translucent, and opaque materials in a variety of different Shore Durometers and Colorations.  We also offer High Impact and High Temperature (150 degree) Fire Resistant UL94-V0 rated materials, and Glass Filled Resins.


The maximum volume of our Vacuum Casting Machine is: (2.0m x 1.2 m x 1.0m).  KAIAO provides Low Volume Short Run Productions of instrument boards, door panels, as well as Automotive Interiors and Exteriors.  The Size Precision of parts is controlled to ±0.2mm positioning accuracy and the Locating Hole, ±0.4mm positioning accuracy of the mounting hole.  The parts can meet the durability requirements of a 10,000km Road Test.



At KAIAO, innovation and creative efforts are always ongoing so that we can find better ways to improve our production processes.  We believe in implementing our successful Silicone Tooling techniques and Vacuum Casting methods which are recognized by our clients.

 1.Over Molding is an advanced process of casting around and/or through Cores that are inserted into the Cavities of Molds, resulting in the production of Individual parts made of multiple materials.  Typically, a soft PU Resin is cast around and/or through a hard PU Resin to produce one part with two different Durometers and Colors.  Additionally, transparent parts such as PMMA lenses can be cast directly into housings.  This process allows for Hand Held products and Electronic Devices to be manufactured to meet (Vibration Minimizing, Impact Resistant, and Water Resistant) Functional Requirements.

 2.Metal Part Inserting is a mechanical process where PU Resins are cast around and/or through Metal Parts that have been inserted into Mold Cavities to produce IN-MOLD ASSEMBLED PARTS.  Machined Metal Parts, Stamped Metal Parts, Cast Metal Parts, as well as Brass Inserts can all be Over Molded to improve the mechanical strength, durability, and usability of parts with Functional Requirements.

 3.Melt Molding is a special process where Cores are cast using Wax or Low Melt Temperature Alloys.  These Cores are then placed inside the Mold Cavities.  The Over Molded Parts are removed from the Molds with the Cores still inside.  The Cores are then melted out using a heat gun and/or hot water.  Through this process, complex radiator pipes and corrugated tubing can be custom manufactured.

 4.The Coloration of Cast Parts is a creative process where Colors are added directly into the PU Resins to make IN-MOLD COLORED PARTS.  To Achieve IN-MOLD Texture and Gloss, we apply 2K paint onto the surface of the Master Patterns, which is copied into the Silicone Tool, allowing for parts to be produced with minimal Post Production Finishing and are similar to Plastic Injection Molding.

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