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Shock! ——The color can be added in the vacuum complex molding process of Keao!

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Kao company finally developed a new and convenient hand-board production and processing technology-directly add color to the vacuum compound mold process. This process not only reduces the workload of the paint staff of Kao company, but also saves a lot of our customers. Prototype production cycle. Let us appreciate the new research and development results of Keao:

                                   Soft rubber 40°~90°


The colorful colors have come out quietly in the craftsmanship of Kaeo's vacuum complex prototype, and it will bring you more surprises in the dark night!

Soft glue during the day                 Soft glue at night


Did my friends see anything?

Kaiao company can not only add color to the soft rubber in the vacuum complex mold production process, but also in the PC-like, we can still handle it freely, voila:



Is this kind of technology very convenient and practical? We sincerely welcome new and old customers to come to Kaiao, and look forward to cooperating with you!

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