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injection Mould structure design

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Before the injection mold design, the designer should fully analyze and study whether the plastic product conforms to the injection molding processing principle, and needs to negotiate with the product designer carefully, and a consensus has been reached. Including the geometric shape, dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements of the product, necessary discussions, try to avoid unnecessary complexity in mold manufacturing.

Ijection Mould structure design

A set of high-quality molds requires not only good processing equipment and skilled mold manufacturing workers, but also a very important factor is a good mold design. Especially for complex molds, the quality of the mold design accounts for 80% of the mold quality. %above. An excellent mold design is: on the premise of meeting the requirements of the customers, the processing cost is low, the processing difficulty is small, and the processing time is short.

To achieve this, it is necessary not only to fully digest the customer's requirements, but also to have an understanding of the injection molding machine, mold structure, processing technology and the mold factory's own processing capabilities. Therefore, to improve the level of injection mold design, the following points should be achieved:

1. Understand every detail in the design of each mold, and understand the purpose of each part in the mold.

2. When designing, refer to previous similar designs, and understand the situation in its mold processing and product production, and learn from the experience and lessons.

3. Learn more about the working process of the injection molding machine to deepen the relationship between the mold and the injection molding machine.

4. Under the factory, understand the process of processed products, and recognize the characteristics and limitations of each process.

5. Understand the results of mold trial and mold modification of the mold designed by yourself, and learn lessons.

6. When designing, try to use the more successful mold structure before.

7. Know more about the impact of mold water on products.

8. Research some special mold structures and understand the latest mold technology.

injection mold design

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