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3D printing VS injection molding

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3D printing VS injection molding

Whether it is life or industrial production, it is full of many plastic parts, such as soles, rubber bands, mouse wristbands, industrial gaskets, etc.

The main processes for manufacturing elastic parts are injection molding service and 3D printing service. So if there is a need to make elastic parts, which process is better to choose?

Compare their pros and cons, and you'll know.


Injection molding process

The heated liquid material is injected into the mold by pressure, and it solidifies after cooling. Molds are generally made of steel or aluminum.

1. Common materials

Silicone, TPE, TPU

2. Advantages

1. Quickly complete mass production;

2. The parts have high precision and good material properties;

3. When the number of parts reaches a certain amount, the unit price is low.

3. Disadvantages

1. The mold cost is high;

2, the shape has certain restrictions.

 injection molding process

3D printing service

The commonly used FDM process is to make the material into a wire, send it in to the nozzle of the 3D printer, extrude it after heating, and shape it layer by layer.

1. Common materials


2. Advantages

1. When manufacturing in small batches, the single cost is low;

2. The molding limit is small, and complex shapes can be made;

3. No need to make expensive molds.

3. Disadvantages

1. The precision and details are not as good as injection molding;

2. The mass production speed is slow;


After the comparison is made, a summary is made according to the advantages and disadvantages of the two processes. The injection molding process is used; 3D printing can be used for single-piece or small-batch production.

3D printing service

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