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Copy digital design (also known as reverse engineering)

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Copying design (also known as reverse engineering), that is, three-dimensional laser scanning copying. As a new concept of product development, reverse engineering integrates three-dimensional measurement, computer-aided design, rapid prototyping and other high-tech technologies. Using laser copying machines as the source, it performs high-speed and accurate scanning of industrial samples, prototypes and models, and obtains them. Three-dimensional contour data, combined with special reverse engineering software for three-dimensional design reconstruction, to generate entities.

Reverse engineering, in Guangdong, is commonly referred to as "digital copy design", while in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, it is called "modeling". It is often used in imitation work. It is the reverse process of design in the usual sense. That is, the laser machine is used to scan the existing model or sample to obtain the three-dimensional profile data, and the professional reverse engineering software is used to reconstruct the model, and finally generate the numerical control program and carry out the numerical control processing.

Copy number design process: Customers provide information-provide models and samples-carry out copy number design-hand model or mold production


1. Product prototype production;

2. Three-dimensional laser scanning the surface of the product model. Obtain three-dimensional contour data points, the file format is: imw, and then process the data points into grid lines, the file format is generally: iges. The software for data point post-processing, generally uses surface in China;

3. Introduce the product outline grid lines into the 3D software for drawing. The outline of the product is only used as a reference for three-dimensional painting. The appearance, structure, assembly, physical analysis, safety performance, etc. of the product are completed by the engineering staff using computer-aided design as needed. Commonly used software in China: UG, PRO/E, SURFACE, etc.;  

4. Finally generate a numerical control program to provide data for product mold manufacturing and numerical control processing;

As a new concept of product development,    copy number design is used for a complete set of comprehensive product development solutions and technical services such as CNC prototype model making. Create and design more boutiques for modern enterprises and create well-known cultural brands.

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