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Epoxy mold for rapid tooling

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In the mold development process, the problems of time and molding cycle are more and more manifested. New technologies are constantly emerging. Recently, epoxy resin molds have been more and more widely used, which has further promoted the development of rapid molds, which is also helpful for automobiles and R&D of new products of home appliances are launched on the market.

Rapid tooling technology is mostly based on the solid model made by rapid prototyping, that is, the sample mold (master mold), which uses copy methods (such as metal spraying, electroplating, composite material casting, precision casting, etc.) to quickly manufacture the main working parts of the mold (convex mold). For terrace die, concave die or mold cavity, mold core), the manufacturing cycle is generally 1/5 to 1/10 of the traditional CNC cutting method, but the cost is only 1/3 to 1/ 5


Rapid tooling-RIM low pressure infusion molding equipment

Regarding epoxy molds, the industry has developed a variety of process methods based on production costs, rapid prototyping materials, production batches, and mold accuracy requirements. According to experts, the current rapid mold making methods generally include indirect mold making and direct mold making. The methods of rapid mold making based on RP are mostly indirect mold making. The produced molds include bridge molds and rapid soft tooling (Rapid Soft Tooling). ), Hard Tooling. Among them, bridge tooling usually refers to an epoxy resin mold that can be directly produced by injection molding. Compared with traditional injection moulds, the use of epoxy resin molds costs only a fraction of that of traditional methods, and the production cycle is greatly reduced. Although the mold life is not as good as the steel die, it is higher than the silicone mold, up to 1,000 to 5,000 pieces, which can meet the needs of small and medium batch production.


RIM Low Pressure Pouring—Epoxy Mould

Products copied from RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) rapid prototyping molds

Mold manufacturing is the bottleneck and key that restricts the development of my country's automobile, home appliances, light industry and other industries. With the continuous development and improvement of rapid prototyping software and hardware equipment and rapid prototyping materials, the strength and accuracy of rapid prototyping parts have been continuously improved, and rapid prototyping Technology has gradually penetrated into the field of rapid mold manufacturing, and the production of various simple and economical rapid molds based on rapid prototyping methods, especially epoxy molds, has become a hot spot.

As the core area of domestic molds in Shenzhen, many mold companies have made a lot of progress in rapid mold making. As a symbol of rapid molds, Shenzhen Kaiao has accumulated rich experience in this aspect, and it is the earliest prototype rapid mold in China. Forming enterprise, established in 1995. So far, it has served thousands of companies. Keao Company is responsible for saying that it is really thanks to the increase in mold making speed that we have won more customers.

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