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Mobile phone

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1. Analysis of plastic parts

The shell of mobile phones is becoming more and more compact, and the curved surface design is very streamlined. The requirements for the coordination of the various parts of the structural prototype are very strict. Therefore, the accuracy requirements of the shell parts and other bone positions are getting higher and higher, especially when it comes to Matching parts. The easiest way to detect the appearance of the prototype is to look at the gap between the main components; the plastic parts analyze the specific processing technology. We use ABS sheets for general plastic shells, PMMA acrylic sheets for lenses, and PC sheets for those that require bone buckles not to break easily; the drawing formats received by the prototype company are generally: .IGS/ .STP/ .STL/ .PRT /.XT/.dwg.

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Mobile phone A case            Mobile phone case B                Middle frame                         Garnish lens                               lens

2. CNC programming

According to the requirements of 3D graphics files, choose different software programming. Generally, we use proe and solidworks software to disassemble the drawing, and use mastercam and powermill to program. Mastercam is a more traditional programming software, which is relatively simple and practical to use. It is suitable for mobile phones, casings and engravings. Some straight-line products are processed in place and the effect is quite good. What we are analyzing now is the mobile phone structure prototype, generally there is a parts list without disassembling the drawing, you can directly program and then process;


3. CNC machining

Processing method: Generally, the upper and lower sides of the workpiece are processed, and under special circumstances, the workpiece is processed on three, four, five or six sides. In the process of processing, we will retain the glue in the surrounding basket for the product (workpiece), use the side basket to pull the bone to fix the product (workpiece), pour the plaster to position the product (workpiece), and the product (workpiece) and CNC during processing There will be no adhesive effect on the work surface, which better guarantees that the processed product (workpiece) will not be deformed and the material level of the product (workpiece) will be accurate. The processing of this mobile phone structural part is relatively simple, no reverse positioning is required, and it is generally OK when processing one side. 

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