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Vacuum complex mold

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Vacuum injection molding, also known as vacuum complex molding. The castable is degassed, stirred, preheated, and molded under vacuum conditions, and a secondary solidification molding process is performed for 2-3 hours in a thermostat at 60°C-80°C. It is suitable for small batch trial production in the product development process, with complex structure, uniform wall thickness, and trial production samples that meet certain functional requirements.

Technical Parameters:

Applicable mold: silicone mold (10-20 pieces of life).

Casting material: two-component polyurethane PU. Currently used materials: AXSON polyurethane resin, Hei-cast polyurethane resin.

Physical properties: similar to ABS, PP-like, nylon-like, PMMA/PC-like transparent parts, soft rubber parts (40-90shord D), high temperature resistant parts (150°C), fireproof materials, etc.

General working time: 1-4 hours/piece.

Standard copy accuracy: ±0.20mm/100mm.

Pouring sample thickness: minimum 0.5mm, best 1.5mm-5mm.

The largest casting workpiece: 2000mmX1200mmX1000mm.

Crafting process:

Preheat the silicone mold. Heat the silicone mold to 60-70°C in advance. If the mold temperature is too low, it will cause incomplete curing and poor physical properties. The mold temperature has a direct relationship with the dimensional accuracy of the trial product.

The castable is pre-defoamed. Separate the two liquids A and B in a vacuum box for vacuum degassing for more than 30 minutes.

pouring. Place the containers containing liquid A and liquid B in the operating room respectively. After the operation room is vacuumed, stir B liquid from time to time to degas it for 5-10 minutes. Pour liquid A into liquid B and stir for 30-40 minutes, then quickly pour it into the silicone rubber mold. And within 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds from the start of mixing, the operation of returning to atmospheric pressure should be carried out.

Curing. After curing for 30-60 minutes in a thermostat at 60-70°C, the mold can be demolded. If necessary, perform secondary curing for 2-3 hours in a thermostat at 70-80°C.



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