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6061 Vs 7075 Aluminum: Which One Is Better For Your Project?

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The use of aluminum is observed in different components manufactured in every other industry. You must also know its alloys if you are also operating in a business where you need to use aluminum to manufacture different parts and components.

Keeping knowhow of the different alloys of aluminum will allow you to choose which one suits to serve your purpose the best. The most commonly used aluminum alloys consist of 6061 and 7075 having their own properties.

However, this guide will make you aware of the different applications and features belonging to these grades of aluminum. Have a look below and decide on your production accordingly.

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What Is 6061 Aluminum Grade?

The 6061 aluminum grade belongs to the 6000 series and has been known for its affordability. Due to its cost being low and possessing high resistance properties. 6061 aluminum grade is commonly used in extrusion processes and is widely found suitable for the aerospace, automobile, and consumer industries.

It is a kind of aluminum alloy with a very strength-oriented nature and is good to go with machining processes, features significant strength, and is a corrosion-resistant material. Hence, it is a quite usable form of aluminum for many industries.

What Is 7075 Aluminum Grade?

7075 aluminum alloy belongs to the 7000 series but is a costly option. It has a significant component of zinc and has very high strength as well. When it comes to looking at its applications, you can find it to be used in the defense industry and also in the aerospace industry.

It can withstand an exceptional stress level and has ideal mechanical stability. However, welding this grade of aluminum might be a challenging job.

What Are The Differences Between Aluminum 6061 and Aluminum 7075?

If a comparison of 6061 Vs 7075 is carried out, there are many things and aspects in which the two aluminum grades may differ. The main heads are:

● The series to which these alloys belong.

● The use of chemical compositions

● Mechanical properties of these alloys.

6061 vs 7075 Aluminum: Alloy Series

The aluminum alloys, 6061 and 7075, may differ in that 6061 belongs to the 6000 series and 7075 belongs to the 7000 series. The two of these series offer entirely strength-oriented aluminum grade alloys. However, the 7000 series is a bit expensive and may be suitable for specialized industries requiring high strength.

However, the 6000 series is also known to offer some excellent quality alloys, of which 6061 is also suitable, but it is relatively cheaper and affordable.

6061 vs 7075 Aluminum: Chemical Components

There is a difference in chemical composition in 6061 vs 7075. If you look at the 6061 alloys of aluminum, you will find magnesium and silicon present in this alloy as the primary components. However, for 7075, copper and zinc offer to be the main chemical component present in the series to which it belongs.

6061 vs 7075 Aluminum: Mechanical Properties

Apart from the composition and alloy series, there are specific mechanical properties that offer a difference of 6061 vs 7075. Some of these differences may include the following.

Yield Strength Comparison

The strength of the two alloys, 6061 and 7075, differ significantly. If you look at 7075, you will find it to be stronger because of its composition. The combination of zinc and copper makes a very rigid alloy; hence, 7075 is far more robust than 6061. Apart from the components, 7075 is also subjected to heat treatments that make it stronger.

On the other hand, 6061 is a blend of silicon and magnesium; these are not as hard as zinc and copper but still make a suitable combination. Therefore, 6061 is a more rigid material but not as hard as 7075.

Elasticity Comparison

Understanding the nature of a material's elasticity is imperative before choosing it to introduce in your manufacturing. It allows you to have an idea of how stiff a material is. When considered in the case of 6061 and 7075, the elasticity of these is more or less the same, offering no difference.

Thermal Conductivity

Some aluminum alloys are better at conducting heat, whereas others are not. When choosing between 6061 and 7075 alloys of aluminum, 6061 offers better thermal conductivity. This grade is very suitable if you wish to use aluminum alloys in systems where heat conductance is needed.

Electrical Resistivity

If you consider 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloys in the context of electrical resistivity, you will find both to be good conductors of electricity. However, 7075 shows better results in this case when compared to 6061.

6061 vs 7075 Aluminum: Common Applications

The application of 6061 vs 7075 is quite similar as both are used in many common industries like automobile, aerospace, and construction. However, their purpose might differ from one another.

6061 Aluminum Applications

6061 aluminum, however, is commonly observed to be used in products that need aluminum piping or bicycle components. Apart from this, many electrical products and building components also are manufactured using 6061 aluminum grade alloy. Many furniture pieces may also have specific components manufactured using 6061 aluminum.

7075 Aluminum Applications

Parts of missiles and aircraft are made with 7075 aluminum grade, followed by certain valves used in different industries for regulating purposes. Fuselages and wings of aircraft are also manufactured using 7075 aluminum grade alloy.

6061 vs 7075: Price Comparison

Price is one of the most important considerations that need to be considered when choosing between 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloy. This is because, at certain parts, one can invest a hefty amount, whereas there is no room to incur a higher cost in some of them. If the price of the chosen aluminum grade is  high, the end product will also be costly.

The prices of 6061 aluminum alloy seem relatively low compared to 7075 aluminum grade alloy. Hence, when an affordable way out is needed, 6061 must be chosen. Specific industries like aircraft and defense have no room to compromise, so it might be suitable to incur the higher expense of choosing 7075 aluminum grade.


When developing a product, there is no room to neglect the choice of material. These two materials have their capabilities, constraints, and uses. You can make a  choice of the one you think is the most suitable option for your product. If you are still confused about which material to select for your product development, you can get in touch with KAIAO RPRT and get a solution to all your queries.

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