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Sheet Metal 3D printing service

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sheet metal 3D printing

Sheet Metal 3D printing service, application vehicle prototype product development and validation

With the development of sheet metal 3D printing technology, the price of metal 3D printing continues to decrease, and the technology of 3D printing is getting better and better, making the application of 3D printing more and more widely used in medical equipment, aerospace, automotive engineering and electronics. There are applications in all fields, and Kaiao 3D printing is here to introduce you.

The field of automobile research and development pays special attention to innovation. Products often have the characteristics of individualization, small batches, and complex structures. 3D printing can effectively meet the design of complex structures in this field, and meet the requirements of lightweight, enhanced strength, durability and cost saving. Needs in all aspects.

This is an aluminum alloy part in the research and development stage of a well-known domestic automobile brand. It is formed by SLM 3D printing technology, which can not only ensure the strength and performance of the workpiece, maximize the weight reduction, but also effectively shorten the processing time of the parts.

3D printing aluminum alloy parts process

• Dimensions: 210 x 140 x 160 mm

• Process: SLM-metal powder sintering

•Material: Aluminum alloy

•Processing time: 25 hours

Because of its short processing cycle, designers can adjust the product structure in a relatively short time, and verify and compare them to ensure the optimization of the design. With 3D printing, there is no need for mold opening costs, and designers can easily make structural improvements for each product suitable for its use conditions according to actual processing needs.

The above is the analysis of the metal 3D printing service and the application of automobile prototype product development and verification introduced by Kaiao 3D printing. I hope it can provide you with a reference.

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